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1. Female One - Acute Simple Menopause  

2.Female  Two - Moderate Menopause  6 to 18 mos.

3. Female Three - menopause  complicated by other diseases.

4.Female Four - complex female condition requiring regeneration and cure.


Male One -Acute Simple Adropause

2.Male Two- Moderate Andropause  6 to 18 mos.

3.Male Three- Andropause complicated by other diseases

Male Four- complex male condition requiring regeneration  and cure


Dr. Cruz and staff delivers care for

1. Immediate discharge to home- Post-Op Surgical  (Ortho, Plastic, Palliative )

3 weeks to 6 months

2. Pre-and Post Athlete Condition

3. Energy Based  Care -individual /family 3 days to 3 weeks


Family One -Well Visit Consultation

Family Two - 1 or 2 simple  condition affecting family

Family Three - complicated  condition affecting the family 

Family Four -condition affecting family for  1 to 2 yrs.


Dr. Cruz  conducts varied seminars on Alternative ,Anti-Aging , Integrative  and Energy Medicine for patients


EmDesign1 -health  inspired interior design for an individual ,family or  office

EmD2-health inspired  interior and exterior design for individual ,family or office

EmD3- Pre-construction health inspired dwelling for an individual ,family,or office.

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